Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my life at ssb.

i am shashank shekhar singh.this is the story of my life. some memory i want to write:._some memory i want to share. dar lagta hai kahi kho na jaye bahti hawa me.jindagi me aise more pe hun jaha sab kuch khoya khoya sa lagta hai.apni yadon ko sahej kar rakhna chahta hun.i am sharing this blog in public kyonki ab chupane ke liye kuch bhi nahi hai.naa hai mere pas chand,na hi sitare bus hain to ye yaadein.maine apni padhai sainik school,bhubaneswar si ki.yah ek aisa school hai jaha khusiyan pal me ati hai aur pal me chali jati hain.har student yaha ek sapna le ke ata kuch pane ka.6th class me admission hoti hai yahan aur padhai class 12th tak hoti hai.sainik school ka bahut nam.this is run my ministry of defence and mainly prepare the cadets for nda.yaha har jagah se bacche padhne ate hain.har kisi ko kuch pana hai yahan.alag alag mahol se ,alag state se,alag country se bhi,alag class se.lekin sab aa ke waha barabar ho jate hai.koi orissa ka hai to koi bihar ka,koi u.p ka to koi a.p ka.kuch bachche bhutan ke bhi hain.wo hamare khas mehman hote hai.humare school ke best sportsman.wo har game bahut accha khelte hai.sainik school,bhubaneswar ke dil me hain.yaha har bura se bura kam aur accha se accha kam hota hai.sapno ka jahan hai ye.isi school me maine 5 sal gujara ,haste,gate,gum me,lat khake,lat deke,masti me ,dosto ke sang.kafi acche dost mile yaha,kuch ke sath humesha ladte jhagarte rahe ,to kuch ko chidhate rahe.sayad maine dusro ko bahut tang kiya.lekin kabhi kisi ka dil dukhane ke liye nahi bus yuhi majak me kar diya.aj tak mughe koi samagh nahi paya.sainik school me ja ke maine apne desh ke bare me jana,apne desh se pyar karna sikha,paise se jyada is desh ko ahmiyat dena sikha.yahi jaa kar maine apne knowledge ko bahut badhaya.mera quiz kafi accha tha.maine jis quiz competition me participate kiya first kiya.pehle i was feeling shy ,aur mai sharm ke mare participate nahi karta tha,lekin jab bhi koi quiz competition hota tha aur mai audience me baithta,mai sara answer janta tha aur mai sare answer apne bagal me baithne wale classmate ko bata de deta.mere clasmate ne mujhe bahut motivate aur uske bad jab kabhi koi competition hone wala rahta to wo housecaption se bol ke mera likhwa dete.i am really thankful to my clasmate. 2nd june 2003 tha wo din jab maine ssb yani sainik school bhubaneswar me entry liya.ssb has 10 houses and there live 600 boys from 6th to 12th.there were 5 juniour -yamuna,krishna,narmada,mahanadand and 5 seniour houses.-cauvery,sutlej,ganga,brahmaputra and gomati.we all 6 class new entrant were called in vacation,one month before opening of school after vacation.we all six class students were kept together in yamuna house for 1 month under our lady supritendent mrs. Dixit.she was old but very strict.after opening of school after vacation we were alloted our,my first house officially in ssb was mahanadi.i really had a memorable,masti and ofcourse hard time there.when u r juniour,u wil get nice punishment first in ssb was sujit shekhar parija.after coming to mahanadi i got many friends.some were very close with whom we used to do lot of fun and mischief.myself,raja and acharya made a plan to beat the seniour in group whey they wil be alone and we kept our name dada,bhai,don.myself-dada,raja- bhai,acharya-don..acharya was the most notorius creature on earth and ofcourse in ssb too.he will always do something worse and we will get beaten up by our seniours.we done lot of adventures there and got punishment.ssb is a huge can make a huge book and ofcourse story never ends.i spend my 1st three years in mahanadi,4th year i got promoted to seniour house brahmaputra.and in my 5th and last year i was in gomati house.when i was in 10th i was in gomati.i had some good friends there who will help me in making maths. I was always good in only one subject was poor for which my rank and percentage wil go down.that was friends were very much helpful.i never used to do maths but when exam comes near ,i was running to some mathematics genius friend.he always helped me in maths.i am very thankful to him. our housemaster was mr .k .c .hathi.he was seniour teacher of chemistry.we had every teacher a nickname in ssb.our ssb library was one of the fantastic library any school can ask for any book and u wil get.our librarian mr.a .k.sarangi is very geneourous and kind.there is tension of issuing the book for limited issue a book once and never return it.may be when u called to pay for book butter the librarian and u will be saved.the best idea is to steal the book which is very popular in ssb. Boys there are genius in crook activities.i never stolen any book nor did anything but some guys played game with me and made me always hurt.i feel to take revenge from them by killing them.they made me crook because i used to disturb them,making fun of them and they taken revenge indirectly by dirty that time no one stand with me except few.that time only i came to know of my true friends.but that is past .and i want to continue in present.ssb is always a great time and huge memory for me.if new film wil be released,boys wil bunk out to see the movie and to protect them their friend wil come forward.if bychance they wil be caught they wil be suspended for one month or they wil get punishment in school.but then also boys take risk because if u want something u have to take risk.really be continued....,..