Friday, January 1, 2010

jaago india

hi ,today is 1st jan 2010 and i am shashank shekhar singh.i am here new on blogger to write something exciting but mind awakening.this is all my tribute to great india.india have to rise against all odds and all difficulties and we are the guys who will put our all calibre to finish this job.i am here to make this success and how do you think?we will not live in dreams but live in real world.we will make this india stronger and great .dear friends,i am truly indian. i am here to not only comment but to make changes.i am making change , why not you?khudi ko kar buland itna ki har badi se pehle khuda tumse khd puche bata teri raja kya hai! humne to kiya hai ab ap bhi karo. jaago bharat jaago.jai hind, jai bharat._ genxarmy