Friday, January 1, 2010

jaggo india1

  • Do you believe that today our country is in dire need of good politicians?
  • Do you believe that our political situation today seriously needs a revolution?
  • Do you believe that our political parties today should have more number of well educated people?
  • Are you aware of the fact that because of Rajiv Gandhi’s support and encouragement only, today our IT industry and related fields have progressed so well? Rajiv Gandhi was himself a Boeing air jet pilot and he was a major believer of the fact that a nation’s growth largely depends on the growth of its technology. Do we not need more such technology related people in our political parties to bring a similar kind of growth of the country?
  • Do you believe that the main cause of the increasing corruption and the increasing rate of the number of scams in the country are the political parties which we have chosen?
  • Do you believe that the whole and sole reason for our coming in the top ranks in the list of the most corrupted countries is our political system?
  • Do you believe that all political parties are not better than thieves and the common thing among all of them is that they care more about themselves than for the country?
ok,,might be you are knowing the answer,but overall who is responsible? aren;t we?
not more now,we have to stop this.but the question arises who is going to stop? people will say ,how can they single handedly stop this ? or they will others u go ,i am coming! be the first to do this. and soon you will be foolowed.