Tuesday, January 5, 2010

join indian armed forces

asman nigal jayega tumhare aagosh ko chahat ki bahe faila kar ke to dekho/dharti kanp jayegi tumhari ruh se junnon jata kar ke to dekho.i am shashank shekhar singh and back to bang.jo mera dil kahta hai /wahi likhta hun.i am not a good writer but aspire to be.i want to tell every citizen of india ,if possible join indian armed forces be it indian army,indian navy or indian airforce.feel the pride and honour for serving your country.because money matter nowhere what matter is pride and honour for serving the country.you can buy cars,u can buy roley,u can buy suv, u can buy people but u can't buy pride and honour for serving the country.you have to earn it. If u hadn't join indian armed forces,you had missed a golden chance of your life.never think about money because it is very funny.one of the most exciting and adventourous carrer of all time.so.why wait,be the eligible one to join this.it not only trains,educates and employs you,but also gives you a lifestyle that's enviable and honourable.don't settle for anything less.be different.make a difference. Don't be coward,be wild,be man.be brave,kick anti indians.lead ur country at front.don't think what your country had given you but think what you had given to your country.your mother- india,your father- india,your brother- india,your sister- india, so love india and die for india.one india,united india.5 start opportunity is waiting for you.go ,grab it.never miss it.be the leader never be follower.LIVE INDIA,LOVE INDIA AND READY TO DIE FOR INDIA.JAI HIND.