Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My life at ssb -2

And i miss my food of ssb very of the finest menu which was designed as per our selection.we will get everything from 5 day chicken,two day fish,sweet curd,icecream,lemonrice,jalebi,sweets,seasönal fruits,egg,tandoori roti,paneer ka sabji.and waiter there ar too good.butter them and they will feed u of the finest föod of ssb is is being served in our breakfast.i guarantee this is too good ,you will feel like eating 15 to 20 and after eating that noone can stop you from sleeping.our ssb supritendents who are the real enemy of our students.they wil always interfere and always let you punished by officers.they wil try to trap in their net.but that is what is adventure.boys wil too give them huge blow by puncturing their tyre,cutting telephone lines,shouting their nicknames etc.there is no end of mischief and you will always like to do more kyonki ye dil mange more.maybe i hurted many guy,i am sorry to them and i want to say if there is confusion against me clear it .i am no wrong friends always supported me there and hope they wil suport me in my future.i mis my math teacher.he was my classmate.hope u r reading.i always thought of helping others and doing something for india.ssb is too gud.i miss my gud old days.