Sunday, January 3, 2010


Who says iit is no. 1 engineering college of india,it is the house of genius? No,not at all .iit is the home of moneymaking,home of greedy graduates and above all they are traitor.may be there go the best brain after clearing hardest exam of india- jee but their brain doesn't work afterwards.they only read to make money not to invent something or do something good for humankind.iitians must know their responsibility.have you heard anytime if any iit student has invented this and this? No and you will never because their brain focus other ways.there is saying 'life is a race,if you will not run ,you will be lost'.but u must have heard this thing that this and this iitian has grabbed highest salary for this year or so.but in the west majority of college has something credit to some inventions. If a student of masschuates institute of technolog can invent different thing,why can't a iitian?mit ,one of the best technology institute of world has many credit to its tag.because,student wants to something exciting,different and to excel in their field.but here in india,our students have very limited thinking ,get into iit ,get a good job earn good money and sleep and eat.that's is exciting.every field is great if you want to excel.if anyone says that this and this field is not good- slap him then and there and ofcourse show him one day when u excel in that engineering students are god and no arts students are poor.this is all about mentality.those,who think like that they are mentally poor.may be you not get good money in your choice field but you get satisfaction of doing your job.and you will never regret losing your favourites.change iit,change india.jagegenge iitians,jagega india.