Sunday, January 3, 2010

Click india 3

It is common perception these days of parents to see their child becoming son will become engineer.why engineer? Why not journalist,historian,defence person ,doctor,physiologist,actor,sportsman,photographer,scientist? This is only due to limited mind and thoughts.they don't think in positive way. What everyone today think is of only money. How much money u can earn and how fast u can earn? Why we need money- to have a lavish lifestyle,to make four storey house,to buy a car,to showoff. Then ,who wil serve the is the not the money which can serve,it is we all.we have to change our mind,change our thoughts and ofcourse we have to change our action. Only listening the words wil not help now ,we have to convert it in action. Ab to hume kuch karna we have to do something.who wil do? I ,you, we and we all we starts from one and ends in million. The generation have to do.they are bound to do.they must feel their responsibility for their nation and must do something rather than only listening.jagega bharat jab jagenge log.hum ,ap sabko jagna hoga.we have to sacrifice.only thinking about myself,ourselves,our family wil not help.we have to go beyond that.jaago something for this starts from basics.we have to change our educationt system,thoughts and matter nowherere ,what matter is pride and honour for serving the country.